• Formulating for the conscious consumer

    Conscious consumerism is on the rise: shoppers aren't just looking for cosmetics and toiletries that make them look, smell and feel good but are actively seeking out personal care products that are soothing for the mind, "healthier" for the body and better for the planet.

  • Attend the Formulation Summit 2019

    In response to this increasingly growing trend, the in-cosmetics Formulation Summit is looking to empower R&D professionals and formulators with the latest science and research in formulating for mindful, health-conscious and eco-conscious consumers.

    Delegates to the summit can expect high-level talks and presentations - delivered by industry experts - that address both the formulation challenges and opportunities in developing "healthy", "mindful" and "ethical" personal care products, as well as networking opportunities that facilitate collaboration and creativity around the topic.

  • What will be covered?

    Across the two days of the conference, industry experts will look to address the best practices when formulating for conscious consumers within three distinct topics:

    Good for the body

    Developing products for healthy skin and hair, the microbiome and alternative preservation strategies.

    Good for the planet

    Creating waterless cosmetics, ocean and reef friendly suncare and formulating for degradable packaging.

    Good for the mind

    Defining emotional cosmetics, neurocosmetics and using psychology with cosmetic claim substantiation.
  • When and where?

    The Summit will take place from the 19th to 20th November 2019, at the Leonardo Royal Hotel London Tower Bridge.

    How do I get there?

    Networking Opportunities

    Discover the ways the in-cosmetics Formulation Summit helps to facilitate networking at the event.

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    • The summit provides us with the perfect opportunity to discuss new ideas and create new experiences for consumers as it gathers inspirational people from all over the world to form a great melting-pot of creativity and ideas.

      • Richard Oliver
      • CEO, The Unseen
      • We wanted to come to the summit as we thought the theme was an important trend in the industry. We want to get a deeper understanding of what customers want and we heard some brilliant speakers speak on a broad range of topics. 

        • Christina Kohlman
        • Senior Manager Global Projects and Scouting, BASF
        • The summit was definitely worthwhile coming to and is very well-organised. In the future, I would perhaps like to see a focus on changes in regulations.

          • Anna Williams
          • Technologist, Solent
        • I have found the summit to be very informative and useful for my business, an indie brand. The speakers have been great and I especially enjoyed the talks on the application of AI.

          • Ogochukwu Agunenye
          • Tusciaut
        • We are patent and trademark attorneys so the summit is a great opportunity for us to keep up to date with the industry for our current clients and to network and connect with potential new clients.

          • Marianna Privett
          • Partner, AA Thornton
        • I was attracted by the personalisation theme and have not been disappointed! I have found the presentations to be very helpful for my formulation company and was especially interested in the talks by Andy Postles and Vivienne Rudd.

          • Marianna Privett
          • Partner, AA Thornton
        •  I would attend the summit again as I think it was a good way in which to learn how to take my company in a new direction and learn about the latest opportunities

          • Tracy Parkin
          • Director of Brands
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        Learn more about the in-cosmetics Formulation Summit, as well as what makes it a must attend event in the cosmetic industry calendar.

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