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Majella Lane

Job TitleSenior Lecturer

Company NameUniversity College London


Dr. Lane's areas of expertise include membrane transport, biophysical approaches towards the elucidation of drug-drug, drug-excipient and drug-membrane interactions, mechanisms of drug absorption, transdermal drug delivery, topical drug delivery, percutaneous absorption, peptide and protein formulation, ungual drug absorption, buccal drug absorption.  Dr Lane's major research interests are in the development of optimal drug formulations for effective delivery of therapeutics, with special reference to skin, nail and to mucus membranes. Her research group uses a range of biophysical techniques to probe the mechanisms of skin and nail penetration and modulation. Specific areas of interest include: 

• mechanisms of skin, nail and mucous membrane permeation
• rational design of formulations for skin, nail and mucous membranes
• action of penetration modulating agents (enhancers and retarders)
• dermatopharmacokinetics
• Confocal Raman Spectroscopy 

Conference Sessions

  • Tuesday15:00 - 15:3017 Nov 2020
    At Stand: Virtual - Hopin

    Fine tools are needed to investigate the skin and its interaction with topical formulations. Recent progress in imaging and characterization techniques will be ...

    • Language: English