Autophagy in skin: basis for developing proactive healthy ingredient

Autophagy in skin: basis for developing proactive healthy ingredient

19 Nov 2019, 11:40 - 12:05

Leonardo Royal Hotel London Tower Bridge

Development of healthy ingredients requires a definition of “healthy” for skin and biological activity of the ingredients can be one of the criteria for defining “healthy ingredients”. Compared with the “biologically inert ones without harmful effects on skin”, proactive ingredients can actively improve skin health.

During the last decade, autophagy, originally identified as a recycling or salvage system of cytoplasmic materials via the lysosome, have emerged as an “innate cellular protection” system for healthy and beautiful skin. From the intracellular anti-oxidant system to cellular senescence, diverse important roles of autophagy have been repeatedly identified in skin.

Considering the fundamental roles of autophagy in skin homeostasis, autophagy stimulation can be one of the most profound ways to improve skin health and autophagy activator is a good example of proactive healthy ingredient.

Incospharm has dedicated to developing new cosmeceutical ingredients based on autophagy research and successfully introduced series of autophagy activating peptide-derivatives. In this talk, brief history of autophagy research in skin and its application for healthy ingredient development will be discussed. This presentation will discuss:

  • Healthy ingredients for cosmetics
  • Important roles of autophagy in skin homeostasis
  • Cosmeceutical application of autophagy activators


  • Sekyoo Jeong


    Director, CTO

    Incospharm Corp. South Korea

    Education and Training 1997    B.A. Department of Chemical Technology, Seoul National University, Korea 1999    M.S. Biochemical Engineering, School...