Natural and organic formulations – how to deliver high efficacy

Natural and organic formulations – how to deliver high efficacy

19 Nov 2019, 16:25 - 16:50

Leonardo Royal Hotel London Tower Bridge

Natural and Organic cosmetics are becoming more mainstream with every passing month with new brands and product launches coming thick and fast.

Historically, Natural and Organic formulations were considered to offer inferior performance, particularly when it came to functionality and real effectiveness.

Over recent years greater availability of suitable raw materials and advances in the development of truly functional actives suitable for use in these products has opened up many more opportunities for the creation of truly effective natural and organic cosmetics.

Ian will give a brief history of these developments, look at some of the new actives coming onto the market, and suggest ways these might be further improved in the future. This presentation will discuss:

  • Overcoming the common perception that Natural and Organic cosmetics don’t really work.
  • Hurdles and obstacles to achieving highly effective and functional products in this sector.
  • An exploration of recent advances in functional natural ingredient development.


  • Ian Taylor


    Operations Manager

    The Green People Company

    Ian has worked in the natural health care industry for over 40 years and has a wealth of experience in many areas.  He is a Fellow and Past Chairman...