Intracellular 'housekeeping – Autophagy the new approach to antiaging

Intracellular 'housekeeping – Autophagy the new approach to antiaging

25 Oct 2017, 14:20 - 14:40

Grange Tower Bridge Hotel


Autophagy is a cellular mechanism for survival and waste management system when cells are in high stress, out of nutrients, or through ageing. Autophagy has been observed in all kinds of human cells including skin cells. Many have reported that lack of autophagic process in various human cells can lead to metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and certain types of cancer, and that inducing autophagy could become a new solution for the treatment of the above symptoms.

Last year at the Formulation Summit, general concepts of autophagy and what it can do in skin cells have been introduced. Inducing autophagy in skin cells could suppress cell ageing, inflammation, enhance skin barrier function, improve radical scavenging activities, resulting in improvements in atopic dermatitis, acne, inflammation, and even in air pollution induced skin ageing.

We have investigated the role of autophagy in protecting skin from UV induced photoageing in human skins using a novel autophagy inducer, AdipoSol™. Adiponectin is known as a key protein in suppressing MMP-1 responsible for collagen breakdown in human skin upon UV exposure. Breakdown of collagen structure in skin results in wrinkle formation known as photoageing. Inducing autophagy in UV exposed skin increased adiponectin expression and protected our skin from photoageing and even induced new collagen protein formation. AdipoSol™ also suppressed pro-inflammatory cytokines such as IL6 and IL8, suppressing inflammation caused by high UV exposure. 

Autophagy inducer, AdipoSol™ is a new way of preventing UV-induced photoageing, through increase in adiponectin expression, collagen-1 expression, anti-oxidation, and though suppression of pro-inflammatory cytokines and skin redness.



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    Keedon's the founder and CEO of Incospharm Corporation. With biological science research background, his role is to link lab research data and market...

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